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Netdesignr LTD was founded in January 2016 and registered in the UK. Since then, Netdesignr's primary focus has been developing and creating products that help users surf the internet.

We aim to help every Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise succeed online by prioritising user needs.

Based in Chessington, Surrey and 50 minutes from central London, we offer various digital services. With over ten years of experience in Graphic, UX/UI Design and Back-end/Front-End/Mobile Development, we can take projects from the initial concept and work them through the wireframes, user testing and development towards production.

  • Brand Design & Identiy Design
  • Web Optimisation & Maintenance
  • Web/Mobile & Voice Development

Mihai Diaconita, founder

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Whatever your requirements, we design, build and fix web & mobile applications that work and look fantastic as well as optimised for the user needs.

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