Case Study - A great place to trade forex

MyFundedFX is a trader evaluation services company that offers funding opportunities to Forex traders

UX/UI | Brand & Web Design | Development

What we did

  • Logo Design
  • Presentation Website Design & Development
  • Tradehub Platform Design
  • Social Media


MyFundedFX is a trader evaluation services company that offers funding opportunities to Forex traders. It pays its clients ability major part of their profits and doesn't withhold any additional trading or non-trading fees.


The project had a bunch of cool stuff to do! MFFX needed a super engaging website, a fresh new look for their platform, a snazzy renewed logo, and some updated guidelines. All these changes were meant to make MFFX company stand out from the rest and help people recognize their brand, which would totally boost their sales too!



To really nail the problem-solving process, it's super important to understand client's needs and problems, sort out the info in a neat and organized way, set priorities straight, and bring some fresh, creative ideas to the table. These steps are key to tackling the problem like a pro!

  • UX Research
  • Planning
  • Technical Research


We took all those brilliant ideas and gave them life through wireframes and cool UI designs. Once we had the visual plan ready, it was time to work our magic during the development phase, making sure the client could see the product's vision clearly and be super satisfied with our progress. c

  • Wireframing
  • UI Design
  • Mock up & Review
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch


After we've wrapped up the project and handed it over, we've got this super important next step: constant refining and improvements. This awesome ongoing process allows us to update our product according to market changes, keep making juicy improvements to the product, making sure our users have the best experience ever!

  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Social Media

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I have been a long time client of Netdesignr and I am continuously amazed by the high caliber of work that is delivered. The websites are reactive, professional, dynamic, and above and beyond what I expect and ask for every single time! I will continue to use their services for all of my business and personal needs. I recommend their services to anyone

Graham Leech | CEO - MyFundedFX

Graham Leech | CEO - MyFundedFX

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